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What If 21st Century Values Attract 21st Century Skills?

What if 21st Century Values can attract 21st Century Skills?

What if the Corporation of Tomorrow attracts workers highly proficient in 21st Century Skills because it does business by adhering to 21st Century Values?

What are 21st Century Values? What if, like the Corporation of Tomorrow, today is the time to get curious which values the Corporation of Tomorrow needs in order to have a workforce of the most 21st century skilled employees as possible? Because, what if the worker of tomorrow chooses to work for the Corporation of Tomorrow based on values over paycheck?

Sure, values such as honesty, integrity, and respect are sure to hold value, but what if there are also emerging values that may sound strange today, but come standard for the Corporation of Tomorrow, values such as camaraderie, connection, and opportunities for independent learning or discovery?

Whatever these 21st Century Values may be or become, it will be curious to see how the Corporation of Tomorrow can capture their value to not only drive business growth, but also worker satisfaction, company guidance, and community enhancement.

Until then, how can you, your colleagues, employees, or whomever start exploring and implementing what the 21st Century Skills for the Corporation of Tomorrow?

We'll be exploring questions like these live with curious people from all over the world to connect and collaborate in building the Corporation of Tomorrow (along with the School of Tomorrow), today!

Want to stay curious? What if you feed your curiosity and the Corporation of Tomorrow!

Thank you for your curiosity and stay curious with more Curiosity-Based Learning content and activities from What If Curiosity!


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